Hot History Between Osvaldo Alonso vs Portland Timbers

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History happened between Osvaldo Alonso vs Portland Timbers(net/ – Minnesota United midfielder Osvaldo Alonso is no stranger to American football fans. In fact, The only thing she did in her MLS career was to reach the playoffs. His team has progressed to the postseason in each of its 13 seasons.

History happened between Osvaldo Alonso vs Portland Timbers

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His last two games have been for Minnesota United, while the previous 10 he has played for his former team, the Seattle Sounders. After signing with Seattle in 2008, Alonso became a key player for the Sounders. In the second season with the team.

While the defensive midfielder was in Seattle, he called the four-time winning champion Team MVP. He would represent Seattle 278 times before moving to the MNUFC in January 2019. While Alonso no longer represents the Emerald City, his old habits (and rivalry in the Pacific Northwest) were tough.

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